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Cultural City Tour

Santiago is an extremely modest city, but captivates with the beauty of the landscapes, the cultural richness and the sympathy of the people who love Brazilians. You can choose to hike or use the Metro (Clean and organized transportation), which is a great choice for long distances without stress and without spending much, knowing the best sights in Santiago. If you choose to get to know the capital well, we’ll list you the best options.

Walking Details:


  • BEGINNING OF THE RIDE      9:00 
  • DURATION                 4 -5 h


City Tour Cultural
  • Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
    The Museum of Pre-Columbian Art preserves the chinchorro mummies, a fishing village that has lived for more than 7,000 years in northern Chile and southern Peru. The collection also has Mayan sculptures, Andean textiles, hats, vases and other pieces of pre-Hispanic art from all over the American continent, including Aztecs and Incas. Undoubtedly, it is a tour that culturally enriches the visitor.
  • Palace of La Moneda
    The Palacio de La Moneda, one of the few government seats in the world open for visitors. Socialist President Salvador Allende died in this building in September 1973.
  • Palacio de La Moneda Cultural Center
    Another ideal place to visit is the Cultural Center of the Palacio de La Moneda. Located in the basement of the palace, the center houses interesting art and cinema shows.
  • Museum of Fine Arts
    The Museo de Bellas Artes, one of the most beautiful buildings in Santiago, neoclassical style with details in art noveau. In its interior are 5,600 paintings and sculptures of European and Chilean artists. You can enjoy the museum cafe while taking a break from the tour.
  • Plaza das Armas
    At Plaza das Armas, there are great coffee options. Surrounded by colonial mansions, the square enchants the landscape. In the shadow of the centenary palm trees, there are painters, street dancers and old people playing chess.
  • Cerro Santa Lucía
    The Cerro Santa Lucía offers a beautiful panoramic view with the Andes Mountain Range in the background. The ascent of 20 minutes is pleasant to appreciate the murals, statues and even a fountain inspired by the Roman Fontana di Trevi. Besides the general view of the city, once in the small square of the summit, it is possible to see Santiago closely with the help of the fixed binoculars of the viewpoint (just insert a coin).
  • Cerro San Cristóbal
    Another place you can not miss is the Cerro San Cristobal; a mountain of 880 meters that the Santiagoians like to ride their bikes on Sundays. It is also possible to climb to the hill by the funicular, which is a cable car that circulates on rails. At the summit of the hill is the statue of the Virgin of “La Inmaculada Concepción”, 14 meters high on a pedestal of 8.5 meters. Below the virgin, it is common for people to sit on high and wide stairs to contemplate the panorama of Santiago.
  • Botanical Garden Mapumelu
    At the foot of San Cristóbal Hill there are also several interesting attractions: the cable car, public swimming pools, a Japanese garden, a zoo and the Botanical Garden Mapumelu, with about 80 native species such as araucarias and the Chilean palm tree that resembles a pineapple giant. There are free pilates sessions on Sundays.
  • Sculpture Park
    The Parque de las Esculturas occupies an area of ​​21 thousand square meters where 30 sculptures of different sizes, shapes and materials are distributed, signed by artists such as Marta Colvin, Claudio Girola, Federico Assle, Juan Egenau, among others.
  • La Chascona Museum
    It was time for the main attraction of the city, the Casa Museo La Chascona, one of the three Chilean houses of the poet Pablo Neruda. The Calle Constitución where the Museo house is located has the most trendy bars and restaurants in the capital. Despite being afraid of water and having learned to swim only at age 48, Neruda was passionate about the sea. The house was built to simulate the feeling of being on a boat. The low ceilings, the objects (many of them compulsory collectors), the wooden cladding and the illumination help to create the illusion Inside the “la chascona” one can see the bars rescued from old French boats, several collections of the writer and many gifts from great artists like the Mexican Diego Rivera.