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Isla Negra is a small town, located 4 km south of El Quisco, which was basically created by Pablo Neruda. He named the city “in honor” of the black rocks that protrude into the ocean; there he built a house where he lived from 1939 until his death in 1973 (during which time he was in exile and made several long trips). The house is now a very popular museum both among tourists and among Chileans.

Consequently, in the vicinity, a variety of small businesses have been developed to suit those who come to visit the house.

The house of Isla Negra, apparently, is where there are collections of masks, bottles, photographs, shells, and many other personal objects of the poet. The house has lovely views of the sea and an impressive garden. In the garden there is a tower with a bell, a water fountain and a boat, as well as the tombs of Pablo Neruda and his third and last wife, Matilde Urrutia. Due to the popularity of the house museum, restaurants and shops have sprung up in the area.

The restaurants offer a variety of seafood dishes that carry the poet’s name, and the craft fairs are full of items related to Neruda’s life. Every year, on Neruda’s birthday, there is a celebration at the house and on the beach with readings of poetry, music and barbecues. Although Isla Negra is a place whose essence is basically the poet Pablo Neruda, it is worth noting that in the last decades many artists and writers have decided to make Isla Negra and the areas neighboring their home. As such, the small town has a charming air of creativity and romanticism.