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Termas Baños Morales


A little more than 90 Km from Santiago and 1,800 meters, is located Villa Baños Morales, a small town surrounded by ocher hills, at the meeting of the Morales and volcano rivers. Here you can visit the Baños Morales Thermal Center. Two thermal pools with iodine, chlorine, sodium and potassium, with a temperature above 25 ° C, and depth between 0.7 and 1.7 meters, to absorb a few minutes can help fight diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and skin conditions, as well as to relax and disconnect from the capital tension. We recommend visiting this beautiful place between the months of October and March, although consulting the weather, and contemplating the necessary precautions in the area, you can visit whenever you want as it is open all year. In addition to the water baths and mud rich in minerals, you can do leisure walks, horseback riding (in consultation with renting horse residents), mountain activities, and why not just contemplate the natural landscape and take good pictures.

Termas Colina


The thermal waters are among the (several) precious things of Chile. A gift of nature spreading over much of the national territory and that is rather one of the innumerable tourist attractions that the country has to offer. Termas Colina, often called “hill toilets” by Brazilians, is close to Santiago, has 7 natural pools, is located in the heart of the Andes mountain range and offers tourists a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature dressed in a of its more rustic forms.