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Most of the tourist attractions of Vale do Colchágua are focused on the wine industry. The “Colchágua Wine Route” is part of the “Chilean Wine Route”, a series of excursions around the country’s main vineyards. For this route passes the Wine Train, a steam locomotive with first-class carriages preserved in the classic style, where you can travel through different wineries and make several tastings.

It is the most classic area of Chile, which has the largest rural tradition and produces the most awarded Chilean wines worldwide. She specializes in red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, receiving important awards with the Carmenere.

  • Viña Viú Manent
    Besides its wines, it has one of the best restaurants in the region, where its specialty is meat. It has programs of visits to the vineyards, carriage rides and tastings. Activities: Excursions, tastings, carriage rides and events.
  • Viña Estampa
    Premium Vine is a pioneer of the avant-garde art of “Assemblage”, technique of combining two or more noble lineages. Activities: Excursions, tastings and option to make your own montages.
  • Viña Casa Silva
    It is one of the most traditional of the valley with a beautiful historic mansion, the oldest winery of Colchagua. It has boutiques in the hotel, restaurant among other things. Activities: Excursions, tastings, events, carriage rides, demonstrations of Chilean rodeo.
  • Viña Santa Cruz
    In addition to its vineyard, it has railway line, astronomical observatory, an open air museum of native Chilean people, wine shop and coffee shop. Activities: Tours, tastings and visits to your other attractions.

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