Santiago de Chile tourism and culture, unforgettable

A whole adventure tourism in Santiago de Chile
December 18, 2017

Santiago de Chile tourism and culture, unforgettable

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Santiago de Chile tourism and culture, unforgettable

The time and effort that today we must invest to make a trip is minimal, we could consider it would not have been fun traveling to Chile if we were in 1800, but we are in 2017 is almost an offense that you decide to do- tourism Santiago de Chile, and is necessary to clarify that the offense is not for us but for yourself because this country has really amazing spaces… Make sure you’ve already read a little about this, but in the same way here we bring you something else that you refresh the memory and share it with your friends.


Let’s start talking about one of those we like more: El Barrio Santa Lucia also known as Barrio Lastarria, but adopted the name Saint Lucia which is cuter. In the 19th century just had a church and some houses around, then in the 20th century with the arrival of the forest park, the National Palace of fine arts and some houses and buildings made by great architects, the neighborhood was another air that still prevails today, as presumably you had certain modifications that only make it more beautiful.

The neighborhood Santa Lucia is ideal for a stroll at the end of the afternoon starting tourism Santiago de Chile, preferably from Thursday to Saturday that opens the Antiques Fair: you can buy what you like and continue to take a coffee and chat with some native. In addition to this neighborhood, there are much more, you can choose between Italy neighborhood, Barrio Bellavista, Barrio Bellas Artes, Franklin neighborhood or the Yungay.


If you decide to go all over the city you will see a small park here and there, but if you want a large park, tourism Santiago de Chile also has it for you. It’s the Parque Metropolitano which overcomes the 1450 hectares (and although it is not the largest in the world, at least ranks number 4). The activities that are done in this place are very varied, you can choose what you like the most: do cycling, yoga, walking, swimming, or view animals.

Tour the metropolitan park or any of the others that Santiago de Chile offers is ideal to do in the family, especially when there are children. The balance you can find it in here, if you want to lose it can continue towards the Center, stop at a restaurant and order a pie of pine that is completely unique in this nation.


There are so many options in the neighborhoods, depending on what you already know or what you want to learn you choose among these: National Museum of Natural history of Chile, Museum of memory and human rights, National Museum of fine arts, Museum of contemporary art, and more.

You can see a little more about the Chilean culture so you may as well have a brawl of knowledge with your grandfather who knows more or so that follow to be part of admiration for your children. Tourism Santiago de Chile is waiting for you, hurry up.






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